3 Long-term Effects of Untreated Hand Injuries

Pressing The Middle Of The Palm With Her Thumb To Relieve Pain Are you grappling with hand numbness? Have you noticed any impairment in your movements? Our hands are among the most intricate and indispensable parts of the human body, enabling us to execute a wide range of tasks with precision and dexterity. And when hand injuries occur, they can greatly hinder our daily activities. Disregarding hand injuries can also result in significant consequences that impact mobility and your overall quality of life. To provide a deeper insight into the long-term effects of hand injuries and assist you in reclaiming optimal hand function, Advanced Hand, Wrist & Nerve Centre, a specialist in hand and wrist care in Singapore, shares more.

Reduced mobility and function

  Woman Holding Her Wrist Pain From Using Computer   Our hands consist of a complex system of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves working together seamlessly to perform intricate movements. Inadequate care for hand injuries can lead to complications such as decreased functionality and mobility in the injured area. This can show up as a limited range of motion, trouble holding items, and difficulty doing daily chores like typing, writing, or even buttoning shirts.  For example, untreated fractures or dislocations in the hand can lead to malunion or nonunion, where the bones improperly or fail to heal altogether. This may result in joint stiffness, numbness, deformities, and weakness, significantly impacting the use of your hands.

Chronic pain and discomfort 

  Initially, you may experience acute pain, swelling, and tenderness in your injured hand, which are typical responses to trauma. However, if proper medical attention, including diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, is not sought promptly, these symptoms can persist and evolve into chronic issues.  Depending on the type and extent of the damage, chronic hand pain may occur as persistent dull aching, intense stabbing sensations, or throbbing pain. Untreated injuries can also cause the development or aggravation of conditions like complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and hand arthritis. Apart from the discomfort they cause physically, these problems can also negatively impact emotional well-being and lead to a reliance on painkillers, which come with their own set of risks and side effects. Learn more: 10 Best Exercises To Ease The Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Advanced Hand  

Development of secondary conditions 

  Woman Rubbing Her Hands In Discomfort   Untreated hand injuries can pave the way for the development of secondary conditions that spread beyond the initial injury site. For instance, arthritis in the hand or thumb joints may develop as a result of an untreated hand fracture that changes their natural alignment. Additionally, untreated wounds or infections in the hand can lead to complications such as cellulitis, osteomyelitis (bone infection), or septic arthritis. These conditions not only require intensive medical treatment, including antibiotics and possible surgical intervention, but also carry risks of lasting damage to the affected tissues and joints.  The long-term effects of untreated hand injuries underscore the critical importance of timely medical intervention, hand injury rehabilitation, and ongoing care. With these considerations in mind, let’s prioritise hand health today for a more fulfilling and pain-free tomorrow.  Are you in need of a hand therapist in Singapore? Whether you’re dealing with finger pain or hand arthritis, Advanced Hand, Wrist & Nerve Centre is here to help. Don’t wait until it’s too late – reach out today and start your journey towards enhanced quality of life.